Top 3 Reasons Soccer Is The Most Popular Youth Sport In Canada

Soccer Is The Most Popular Youth Sport In Canada!

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Hockey may be Canada’s national pastime, but there are nearly twice as many youth soccer players in Canada than hockey players. Soccer is also the fastest growing sport in the country, and 44% of children in Canada play youth soccer at some level.

At Lil’ Strikers, we share our nation’s passion for youth soccer. Our program is specifically designed to teach kids life skills within the context of sport – and it’s all about fun! As our program grows to serve a broader section of the population, here’s the Top 3 reasons why youth soccer participation is growing in Canada:


For many families, it’s difficult to afford organized sports.

According to the CBC, the average cost of playing hockey is $740 – and that’s just for the equipment and apparel! When you consider the cost of travel and registration, it’s easy to understand why hockey’s participation numbers are diminishing.

Conversely, soccer is one of the most cost effective sports available to families. All you need is shin pads, shoes, and a great attitude! From an economic point of view, soccer is one of the most accessible sports for families.


Youth obesity has become a major issue in North America as many children spend their free time indoors, and looking at computer screens. In terms of exercise, soccer is a great way to get active!

Most kids have no interest in running 2-4 miles for the purpose of exercise – but it is all fun and games once a soccer ball is involved! Soccer is great because it masks exercise.

Just as importantly, youth soccer players develop a wide variety of useful physical skills such as agility, balance, and coordination.


When kids play organized sports, there is a certain element of risk involved. Understandably, this is a concern for many parents. In fact, participation numbers for hockey and football have diminished in recent years for this very reason.

This is another reason why soccer continues to grow in popularity – it’s safe!

Soccer is a game of touch and skill, and it’s one of the few sports that offers tremendous exercise in a safe environment.

We hope you enjoyed the latest installment of the Coach’s Checklist, and we look forward to seeing you at class!

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  • April 15, 2014
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