Lil’Strikers is a child development program that aims to improve the physical, social, and cognitive skills of kids through our hour-long soccer classes. Highlights include:

  • All of our classes are based on renowned child development theories and our coaches receive extensive training how to deliver them!
  • At the beginning of each game, a story is told to capture the attention of the kids. Engaging and relating with them opens them up to learning something new.
  • Our world class coaches specialize in having fun, they will leave your kids smiling all day long!

Our versatile program can be integrated with your school or daycare in many ways:

  • An after school program
  • As a field trip
  • As a physical education class
  • As a camp during a school break


Our most popular partner package has our coaches coming to you once a week and take your kids off your hands for one hour! During this hour we will hold one Lil’Strikers class, as part of a 10 to 13-week program. By the end of the session not only will you will find your kids will not only have some serious soccer skills but have also become more team oriented and developed their social skills.



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